azélique® ~ Quality

At azélique®, we go the extra mile to ensure that the anti-aging facial products we produce are of the highest possible quality. The azélique® Quality Assurance Team performs all required tests and assays on raw materials, in-process goods and finished products, according to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations. All test specifications, standards, sampling plans, procedures and other laboratory control methods are continually reviewed and approved by azelique’s Quality Team.

Independent, third-party labs are regularly used to assure quality compliance. The azélique® Quality Team cross-checks all stages of the manufacturing process for compliance with written Standard Operating Procedures.

Specific Finished Product Testing includes:

  • Microbiological Contaminant Testing to ensure that there is no microbial contamination.
  • Enrichment Testing to ensure that there are no viable aerobic organisms present in the sample.
  • Aerobic Plate Count (APC) Testing, in order to detect possible sources of contamination.
  • Testing for Yeasts and Molds are conducted to ensure we produce fresh, high quality, microbial-free/controlled products.

Our Quality Team routinely conducts in-house audits to ensure conformity to cGMP requirements and the effective operation of the total system. Lab procedures, methods and instrument calibration protocols are continually monitored for accuracy, precision and reproducibility. We employ the most stringent quality control standards that we can, in order to produce anti-aging products that are both safe and highly effective.